Bet £5 Get £20. Worth £15.67 right now.

Step 1 – Sign Up To Betfair Exchange and Coral


As with all our offers you need to sign up to a betting exchange. Our exchange of choice is Betfair.


You then need to sign up with Coral, sign up to both using our links below which will ensure you get the new starter offer. Once signed up to Coral you need to deposit £5 into your account.

Step 2 – Place your trigger bet


Our nifty software calculates what bets you should make to guarantee yourself profit. We check the latest odds automatically to save you the hassle!


Right now, you should bet £5 on Coral for England to beat Tunisia at odds of 2.11.


You should then lay England to beat Tunisia on betfair at odds of 2.04. (click here for our guide to backing and laying bets)


Once these two bets are placed, regardless of the score, you will receive £4.54 back from your £5 bet, as well as a £20 free bet on Coral.

Step 3 – Convert your free bet into cash


Once your trigger bet has concluded, your free bets will appear in your betslip as seen on the right. They come in as 4x£5 free bets, but you can place all 4 on the following bet.


If your trigger bet has concluded and you have your free bets, read on, if not, head back once the bet has concluded and you can bank your free cash.


Again, using our smart software, to turn your free bets into money in your account you need to make the following two bets:

Back England to beat Belgium, bet £20 using your free bets at odds of 1.78 on Coral. Lay England to beat Belgium, bet £54.43 (backer stake) at odds of 1.67 on Betfair. This should make your liability £10.50

How does this work?


   Coral       Betfair       Total   
   England Win +£20 -£5 £15
   England don’t Win £0 +£15 £15


Congratulations, you’ve just banked £15.64 pure profit.


We currently have guides available for many other bookmakers which you can find here and earn £657.86 in profit using this similar method where we tell you exactly which bets you have to make.